Renault Back Block On EU Rules


Renault’s CEO has welcomed a decision by a group of European nations to block the legislation which will increase the pressure on automakers to make cleaner cars.

Hyundai Lights The Way


Motorists of the future could benefit from a new technology which project street signs and even zebra crossings onto roads to increase safety for all road users.

Buggy Is Not For Kids


French car maker Citroen has never been afraid to explore the boundaries of quirky vehicles, and they have broken the mould once again with the Ami Buggy, an ‘off-road’ version of the innovative quadricycle.

How To Beat Travel Tantrums


As thousands of families take advantage of summer weather to drive away on a staycation this half-term, there is one worry that all parents will have on their mind, how to keep their little passengers happy.

Would You Swap Your Car For A Bike?


Millions of motorists could be set to swap their cars for alternatives such as electric bikes and public transport if a new report is to be believed.

China Unveils Range-Busting Battery


A battery startup has set its sights on becoming the first firm in the world to mass produce batteries for electric vehicles with a range of 1,000 kilometres, which almost twice as much as the best cars currently on the market.

Are Thieves Winning Car Security Battle?


Car thefts are on the rise with more and more sophisticated methods of stealing motors from right under our noses says a new report.

Less Miles Should Mean Cheaper Insurance


Motorists are being urged to check their mileage to see if they would benefit from a pay per mile insurance policy, as flexible working patterns mean thousands of drivers are overpaying for their policy.

Do You Struggle To Recharge On The Motorway?


The Government looks set to miss its targets on EV chargers in motorway service stations says new research.

EVs Are A Turn-Off For Female Drivers


Women don’t dream of electric cars, and that could have a negative impact on the government’s 2030 zero emission ambitions says new analysis.