The Cars That Money Can’t Buy – Jaguar C-X75


Sometimes your chequebook won’t stretch to purchasing your dream motor. But don’t worry too much, there are some cars that even the biggest bank balances can’t buy, the dream cars that will forever remain a dream. These are the concept cars that never get made.

World’s First ‘Scalextric’ Electrified Road Opens In Sweden


Green energy has received a huge boost in Scandinavia after the opening of an electric road in Sweden which recharges the batteries of cars that drive over it.

It’s Official! Buying A Car Is Now Cheaper Than Train Travel!


A bargain hunting car buyer has proved that the spiralling costs of train travel are out of control, after discovering that it was cheaper to buy a used car, rather than pay for a return train ticket.

Volkswagen Shakes Up Board Room With Top Level Move


After a turbulent last few, German car manufacturer Volkswagen has appointed a new chief executive in the hope of reorganising its many brands and targeting China, its largest market.

The A to Z of Cars – Vauxhall Meriva


There are thousands of cars to choose from at The choice is amazing, so to help you decide which motor might be best for you, this helpful guide to every model on the market should help.

The Take-Five Review: Audi A6 2018


The Audi A6 has been around forever, at least it seems that way. But how do you change a European classic without deviating too much from its award-winning blueprint? The latest model tackles that most challenging conundrum.

Volvo’s XC40 Proving To Be A big Hit In The UK


It has been named 2018 European Car of the Year, but it’s not just the critics who have taken their fancy to the Volvo XC40.

Is Your Car Too Dirty To Pass Its MOT?


Thousands of UK drivers are seeing their cars refused an MOT because their vehicles are too dirty for testers to access.

Twenty Years On From Original Ford Focus, Has The Game Been Changed Again?


A new-look Ford Focus was revealed to an expectant motoring public in London this week, and many are asking is the popular car back at the top of its game?

Jaguar Land Rover Sales Continue To Rise


UK car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced its latest figures and has revealed that sales continue to rise in challenging market conditions.