Why We Might All Soon Be Driving Chinese Cars Without Even Knowing It


The motor world will be watching with interest as to the latest developments in the car market following the $9bn investment from Chinese carmaker Geely into Mercedes-Benz owners, Daimler.

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Hyundai are taking the EV market to a whole new level with their new Kona Electric, a vehicle that can reach an impressive 292-mile radius with a single charge.

Why 14 Major Global Corporations Control More Than 60 Auto Brands Around The World


The bulk of the world’s automotive industry is condensed into just 14 separate motoring conglomerates, which suggests that while you may think you have a diverse choice of options, you are actually quite limited.

Lexus Reveals It’s Cracking Crossover


Lexus is getting well and truly stuck into the SUV market with their latest reveal of the all-new UX, which is set to be debuted at next week’s Geneva Motor Show.

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You Might Be Surprised At Which Model Volkswagen Are Turning Into A Convertible


Convertible SUV’s, big beasty motors that can blow-dry your hair as you drive along. They are not as common as you might expect, Range Rover only recently announced a convertible Evoque, but now Volkswagen has announced its commitment to the cause.

Get The UK’s Car Of The Year For Just £286 Per Month


It’s official, the Volvo XC60 is the UK’s Car of the Year and can get you behind the wheel of Volvo’s flagship, ordered online and delivered to your door.

The Take-Five Review: Kia Stinger 2018


Kia are upping their game. The reliable Korean manufacturer are known for producing safe, economical and functional family drives, but they may have broken the mould with the Stinger – a stylish four-door saloon which is taking the manufacturer into unchartered territory.

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The electric revolution is coming faster than ever, at the speed of a Porsche 911, thanks to the efforts of an innovative Dutch company.