DVLA Delays Cost Jobs Says Report


The global coronavirus pandemic hit the automotive industry hard, but it also caused chaos for those organisations and industries associated with driving a car.

New Tech Avoids Train Collisions


Skoda drivers can now take advantage of new technology aimed to pre-warn them of an impending train at a level crossing.

Kia Goes For Boxy With Premium SUV


Korean brand Kia is expanding its lineup of electric vehicles with the introduction of the daring EV9 SUV, a vehicle which has more than a nod to established 4x4 brand Range Rover.

Younger Drivers Most Likely To Self-Repair


A surprising new report has revealed that the latest generation of car owners are much more likely to perform their own minor car repairs, rather than take the vehicle to a mechanic.

British Public Don’t Know New Road Rules


If you ever questioned whether that driver in front of you actually knows the Highway Code as they pull off an illegal maneuver the likelihood is that they don’t., a study of drivers found that only nine percent of people were able to accurately identify a puffin crossing, and more than half (57 percent) were unable to identify a pelican crossing.

Mercedes Breaks Ground With EV Range


Range anxiety is officially a thing of the past after a report this week revealed the extended range some of the UK’s best EVs can now offer, with one vehicle standing out above all the rest.

Scottish Road Tops Scenic List


Taking the scenic route has long been a passion for many thousands of British drivers, but what is actually the most scenic route of all?

Why Does Grey Remain Top Car Colour?


Britain’s top car colour in 2022 was once again grey, the fourth year in succession that the neutral tone has topped the charts, and according to research published this week, it is likely to remain top for some time.

Can Hyundai Retain World Car Of The Year Award?


The shortlist for the World Car Awards 2023 has been announced, with last year’s winning brand in line to retain the title.

Which City Has Most Potholes?


British motorists have long endured a running battle with potholes, but as cash-stapped councils struggle to find the funds to fix the holes it is a problem which has become endemic.