Is This Parking Fine A UK Record?


A van in East London has racked up an astonishing total of £36,000 in unpaid fines, in what is believed to be a British record for a single vehicle on UK.

Brits Won’t Give Up Second Car


Britain may be a nation of two car families, but despite regular lockdowns and heightened concerns about the climate over the last two years, we are still unlikely to give up our second drive.

Top Car Arguments Of The Year


It’s the perfect storm of hostility, your enemy is at close quarters, there are many different opinions and the world is whizzing past at speed to add to the tension, but what really does cause in-car arguments?

When Was The Last Time You Took Disco Dave Out For A Drive?


A bizarre new study published by the Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency (DVLA) has revealed some of the weird and wonderful names people have given to their cars before transferring the registration papers.

Barnsley Vigilante Get Speed Camera Fine


A disabled man from Barnsley has made British history after receiving a £400 fine after an incident in his mobility scooter and a road safety vehicle.

BMW Delivers One Millionth EV


Powerhouse German motoring brand BMW is celebrating an impressive milestone on the electric vehicle journey after delivering its one-millionth EV to a lucky customer in Munich.

The Truth About EV Breakdowns


One of the country’s leading breakdown recovery firms has dispelled myths of range anxiety within electric vehicle owners by revealing that they are rarely called out to drivers who have run out of charge.

Would You Swap Your Car For An E-Scooter?


The growing sight of e-scooters may have divided opinion for many road-users and even pedestrians, but while legal trials in the UK take place it looks more and more likely that they will be adopted in other areas of the country.

Are Scalextric Roads The Future Of EVs?


Italian researchers have developed a solution to the lack of electric vehicle chargers, by charging your car as it drives.

EV Sales Outstripping Charger Demand


The UK’s electric vehicle revolution could be about to hit a power cut as new analysis from the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders reveals that the country is falling behind in having a charging network which can cope with demand.