On this day in auto history – May 27th


It was on this day in 1903 that Marcel Renault - one of the founders of Renault - died without regaining consciousness following a crash on the opening day of the Paris to Madrid race. He was just 31.

Cars Are Getting ‘Older’ - Why?


The average age of the British motor on the road has risen to a record high, with the pandemic being blamed for drivers wanting to keep hold of their reliable motor while road journeys were less common.

Never Had A Breakdown? Lucky You


Though the reliability of cars in recent times has improved remarkably, our trusted motors can still have the occasional blip, and new research has found that many drivers are still stressed about the prospect of breaking down.

On this day in auto history – May 26th


It was on this day in 1943 that Edsel Ford, President of the Ford Motor Company, died of stomach cancer at the age of just 49.

Oxford Charging-Station To Be Europe’s Most Powerful


The classic English city of Oxford may be more famous for its academics, the boat race and Inspector Morse, but it is soon to be home to the most powerful charging hub in Europe.

On this day in auto history – May 25th


It was on this day in 1950 that 34 people were killed on a street in Chicago, making it the world’s largest death toll from a motor collision at that point in history.

Don’t Believe The Hype


Motoring brands are misleading the car buying public by misrepresenting the true MPG economy on some of the leading models according to new research.

Could Petrol Reach £1.50 A Litre?


Less than a year since petrol prices almost dipped below the £1 mark at the height of lockdown, the cost of filling up at the pump has hit new highs, with some retailers on the verge of charging £1.50 a litre.

On this day in auto history – May 24th


It was on this day in 1967 that John Lennon took delivery of a newly-customised Rolls Royce which was to become one of the most iconic vehicles of the 1960’s, and one of the most expensive vehicles in the world.

On this day in auto history – May 23rd


It was on this day in 1941 that the founder of the Austin Motor Company, Herbert Austin, passed away at the age of 71.