Industry Bosses Critical Of Grant Axe


After the government abruptly called an end on the Plug-In Car Grant, some of the motoring industry’s leading voices have criticised the move, saying that it sends out the wrong message.

MINI To Tease New Look


Iconic British car brand MINI is set to unveil an electric crossover concept next month, one which will set the tone for the company’s new design language as they head towards an all-electric future.

Electronic Number Plate To Be Trialled In UK


The biggest revolution in number plate tech in the UK could be around the corner with the news that trials of electronic number plates could begin as early as next year.

Govt Axe For EV Grant


The cash incentive to buy an electric vehicle has been removed as it was too successful.

The Plug-In Car Grant (PiCG) saw car buyers receive a £1500 discount when purchasing an EV less than £32,000, it was a scheme which had been in effect for more than a decade.

Make Your Summer Electric Say Toyota


As British summertime looks to be giving us the best of the weather there will be many looking for a family day out to enjoy the sunshine, but for those of us who are driving an electric vehicle, there’s that nagging question, where do we charge our car?

This Button Could Save Fuel During Hot Weather


As temperatures rise across the UK, it is very tempting to chill out in your car with the air-conditioning on full blast, but the flip side of that is knowing that keeping your car cool can come at a cost as it uses the engine’s power to function.

Could Cost Of Living Cost EVs?


The current boom in electric vehicles sales could stall if the cost of living crisis in the UK continues says a leading motor financial services company.

Don’t Blame Us Say Petrol Stations


The record-breaking cost of filling up a car at the petrol station has led to some fraught exchanges between motorists and the station attendants, but with prices showing no sign of steadying, one retailer has spoken out about the prices.

Could Pay-Per-Mile Insurance Work For You?


The concept of paying for your motor insurance based on the amount of miles you travel in your car is a relatively new idea, but new research has found that many drivers might be better off with a pay-as-you-go policy.

Fiat Trials Wireless EV Charging


The stress of finding a electric vehicle charging point before your car’s battery runs dry is one which more and more drivers are coming to terms with as the nation converts to EV over petrol or diesel.