Don’t Get Caught By Car Loan Sharks


Drivers are being warned about a frightening car loan scam that is costing people £100s.

Scottish Learners Do This Better Than Anyone Else


All things should be equal when taking your driving test, but just as we know that there are better times of the day to take a test, it has been revealed that there are better places in the UK to pass your test.

Counting The Cost Of Engine Idling


Motorists who leave their engine running while parked to keep their car warm have been warned that they face a triple cost of wasting fuel, killing the planet and a potential fine.

Which Car Has Best MOT Pass Rate?


Taking your car for an MOT can sometimes be an expensive business, and while there are some cars have a better pass rate than others, new research has revealed that buying a car with a high pass rate could be even more expensive.

EV Tax A Turn-Off For Buyers


Paying zero road tax was one of the biggest financial incentives many buyers saw for purchasing an electric vehicle, so following the recent u-turn from the government, it comes as no surprise that interest in EVs has slumped.

UK Has Best Record On Motor Transparency


Car buyers who might think they are getting a bargain by shopping abroad for their motor might be in for a huge shock according to new research.

Police Crackdown On Uninsured Drivers


Police forces across the UK have commenced a seven-day operation targeting drivers who don't have insurance, focusing on locations with the highest offence rates.

Fuel Costs To Jump In The Spring


Drivers are being warned to brace for further sharp rises in petrol and diesel prices in the spring, with a delayed impact of the autumn budget meaning that fuel duty rises will send costs rocketing.

Charging Smart Could Save £100s


A new trial of smart-metered electric vehicles has shown that being more flexible with the charging times of our EVs could save owners up to £600 a year.

Five Wacky Tips To De-Ice Your Windscreen


As temperatures drop, motorists are preparing to spend more time in the morning clearing ice, frost, and potentially snow from their vehicles