UK’s Local Roads Get Resurfaced Every 92 Years Says Damning Survey


A major new survey of the UK’s road surfaces has revealed that Britain’s roads are only getting resurfaced on average every 92 years.

Jaguar Land Rover Posts Stunning £264m Losses


British car manufacturer Jaguar Land Rover (JLR) has announced huge quarterly pre-tax losses of £264m, blaming China tariffs, Brexit and the slump in diesel sales.

For Sale: Audi RS6 Avant - One Careful Royal Owner


Prince Harry is trading in high-powered estate car, a move which has got the tabloids speculating that he may in the market for a car more suited to family life.

Mercedes Creates Most Aerodynamic Road Car


Mercedes Benz are proving to be the masters of the wind tunnel with the news that their latest A-Class saloon will be the most aerodynamic production car on sale to the public.

How To Pack Your Car For Your Holidays


Whilst many of us may spend hours deliberating on the best way to pack our suitcases for the summer holidays, how many then spend time thinking on how to get the best from their car luggage space?

European Car Market Enjoys Best Figures Of The Millennium


European car sales for the first six months of 2018 reached 8.66 million cars, the highest number of first-half registrations this century.

Could ‘In-Vehicle Signage’ Replace Traditional Roadside Signs?


Highways England has announced that it is trialling a new system of ‘in-vehicle signage’ which could eventually replace the traditional motorway gantries and road signs.

These Used Cars Are Rising In Value - Find Out Why!


Whilst most used cars are certain to depreciate in value over time, offering some real value for money for those keen to spot a bargain, especially at, the latest data suggests that there are some used cars which are gaining in value!

Edinburgh Rises To The Top Of The UK’s Congestion Charts


Drivers in Scotland’s capital Edinburgh are spending more time in congestion than anywhere else in the United Kingdom, and surprisingly London is only third on the list.

British Drivers Still Don’t Understand Smart Motorways


The UK’s first smart motorway was launched in 2006, and we are seeing more and more introduced every year, but Britain’s drivers are still unsure of how to drive on them according to a new survey.