Are You A Winter Worrier?


Icy roads, limited visibility and the worry of your car breaking down in the freezing temperatures, it’s no surprise that many motorists avoid driving in the winter months, but new research has revealed that the British public are not happy driving in the cold.

Which Nation Has Best Drivers?


An Englishman, Scotsman and a Welshman get into a car, it might sound like the beginning of a joke from the 1970s, but new research has revealed which nation in Britain actually has the best drivers.

These Winter Mistakes Could Be Costly


Drivers across the UK are being warned that they face fines of up to £1,000 for failing to perform a simple task in winter weather.

Majority of Brits Believe Self-Driving Cars Are Here


More than half of UK drivers believe that they can purchase a self-driving car today, according to a new study from Europe’s leading motoring safety and research group.

What’s Causing Post-Pandemic Wave Of Motoring Offences?


Driving offences in the UK are on the rise with more speeding and drug driving crimes being prosecuted than ever before, and a leading motoring organisation is concerned that the new wave has come off the back of covid lockdown.

Research Says 20mph Zone Have Little Impact On Road Safety


Reducing speed limits from 30mph to 20mph has had ‘little impact’ on road safety, according to a new study from Queen’s University Belfast, Edinburgh University, and the University of Cambridge.

Are High Fuel Costs Good For The Environment?


The rise in fuel costs in the UK could be having an unexpected positive impact on promoting greener forms of transportation.

Volkswagen Easily Reaches EV Milestone


Volkswagen is on the right path to electrifying its vehicle fleet, reaching a significant milestone of half a million EV sales one year ahead of schedule.

Peugeot Roars With Diesel Acclaim


Peugeot has been listed as one of the top car brands of the year, with the 3008,  5008, 208 and the new 308 all recognised in the top 50 ranking list.

Nissan Takes Sports Award


Nissan has once again been named one of the world's most socially impactful brands by Laureus, in partnership with Sportspro, in the Laureus Sport for Good Index.