VW To Hire A Climate Activist To Keep Bosses Under Control


German car manufacturer is looking to escape its dirty ‘dieselgate’ image by appointing a full-time, in-house climate activist.

On this day in auto history – March 15th


It was on this day in 1906 that Rolls-Royce Ltd was officially registered with Charles S. Rolls and F. Henry Royce listed as its directors.

UK Drivers Spend Billions On Parking Prangs


If you have scratched or smashed your car while parking you are not alone, according to new data released this week there are more than 3.74 million drivers who have done the same.

On this day in auto history – March 14th


On this day in 1962, General Motors - the world’s biggest automaker - produced it’s 75 millionth vehicle, a Pontiac Bonnerville convertible.

Is 12 Point Loophole About To Be Closed?


Drivers in the UK who claim ‘exceptional hardship’ to avoid a driving ban could be facing losing their jobs in the future if the legal loophole is closed.

On this day in auto history – March 13th


On this day in 1991, ten people were killed and 25 badly injured in what has gone down in history as one of Britain’s worst ever road accidents.

UK Truckers Banned In Record Numbers


Britain’s road network is being put at increasing risk from lorry drivers who are unfit to be behind the wheel according to a new report.

UK Drivers Spending 115 Hours A Year Stuck In Traffic


New research from an influential traffic analyst has found that Britain is rated eighth in the world for traffic jams and the delays are costing each driver on average £894.

On this day in auto history – March 12th


It was on this day in 1987 that Enzo Ferrari unveiled the last car he would personally approve - the iconic Ferrari F40.

How Your Tyres And Not Your Exhaust Is Producing Most Pollution


New research has revealed a shocking finding that harmful particles produced by tyres are more polluting than the particles coming out of your vehicle exhaust pipe.