Govt Counts The Cost Of Untaxed Vehicles


The switch from paper to digital was supposed to make it impossible to dodge paying the tax on your car, but figures published this week reveal that the government is fighting a losing battle to collect the revenues.

Could You Be Due Compensation On Your Old Car?


A landmark ruling this week could see millions of drivers receive an unexpected bonus on their cars bought more than a decade ago.

Why Christmas Parties Could Get You In Trouble


While the Prime Minister swerves questions over whether his Downing Street residence was used for a rule-breaking Christmas party, motorists are being warned that they too could fall foul of the law in a festive frolic related incident.

Get Set For All New Minor Traffic Offences


Motorists across the country are being warned that councils now have the power to enforce a raft of new road rules which were previously only likely to catch drivers in London and Cardiff.

Which County Has Most Potholes?


If your car is constantly dodging holes in the road you may find it hard to believe that there might be another place in the UK that has it worse, but according to analysis from MoneySuperMarket there are areas of the country that are far far worse.

Do Weather Alerts Affect Your Motor Insurance?


We’ve just recovered from Storm Arwen and now Storm Barra is on the way, and with thousands of cars likely damaged by falling debris and the unexpectedly icy roads, there are many worrying that they might not get paid by their insurer.

Would You Ride The Renault Drone?


While there may be many automotive manufacturers who are making bold claims about the future of a flying car, Renault have stolen a march on them all by reimagining a classic design that takes to the air.

Are You Driven To Distraction?


The tough new rules on smartphone use in cars this week closed a long-standing loophole for motorists who had been using their phones for messaging, searching the web and scrolling through tunes. But the new laws seem out of pace with the ever-increasing influx of screen technology already employed in vehicles.

This One Trick Could Save Hundreds On Car Insurance


Are you one of those people who lets their car insurance auto-renew? Perhaps you leave it till the last minute, scratching around for your insurance details on the renewal date? Well did you know that there is an optimum date for sorting out your car insurance, and that leaving it late is never the best option.

Have Your Petrol Prices Fallen Yet?


The wholesale price of a barrel of oil has dropped but that has not been reflected on the petrol station forecourts, incurring the wrath of campaigners.