Land Rover Advert Divides Opinion


A Land Rover advert which has showcased the vehicle’s offroad capabilities has been criticised by environmental campaigners, but has been given the green light by the UK’s advertising watchdog.

Winter Weather Tips For Drivers


The roads were extremely treacherous last weekend as an icy blast of winter weather took many by surprise. And as we enter December drivers have been advised as to what they can do to avoid falling foul of the colder conditions.

Are BMW Drivers Mad?


New research allegedly reveals that drivers of German cars are most likely to show psychopathic tendencies.

How Energy Efficient Is Your EV?


As all experienced motorists know, the MPG of your vehicle is an important factor in deciding the overall costs of a vehicle, and as we move towards a future of battery powered vehicles we may need a new way of measuring efficiency.

How To Market A Self-Driving Car?


Following criticism that motorists are being misled by the capabilities of ‘self-driving’ cars the government has issued a list of guidelines for manufacturers to follow when automated driving systems are introduced in 2022.

New Surge In Cowboy Parking Firms


Motoring organisations are worried that 2021 could be record year for parking fines after seeing a jump in the number of private parking companies accessing DVLA records.

Hybrids Dirtier Than Diesels


The much maligned diesel may well be on the way out, overtaken by the more popular and supposedly cleaner electric vehicle, but before the fossil fuel is driven from existence in 2030, it is worth remembering that in tests it was cleaner than a hybrid engine.

Festive Mini To Tour Britain


As the festive season looms large on the horizon there’s usually one neighbour down the street who always goes overboard with their Christmas lights. But one guy from Bracknell in Berkshire will be driving all Christmas humbugs around the bend with a 2,000 bulb lightshow wrapped around his Mini Electric.

Boris Makes New Home EV Pledge


All new homes will have to have an electric vehicle charging port says the UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson as he looks to get the country back on track to the road to carbon zero.

Tesla Owners Locked Out


They may be the most technologically advanced car brand on the planet, but as experienced this week, Tesla are prone to some of the problems which all digital devices suffer, a ‘server error’.