UK’s Longest Uber Journey Revealed


To celebrate the 10-year anniversary of the first Uber ride being taken in London, the ride-hailing giants have released interesting facts and data.

Battery Firm Tells Motor Manufacturers To Get Real


With the proliferation of electric vehicles across the globe, many car makers are chasing the holy grail of having a battery which can recharge in the same amount of time that it would take to refill with petrol.

Fiesta Partying Hard Till The End


Despite the fact that its owners are pulling it from production, the evergreen Ford Fiesta is once again the most popular car in the UK according to the latest monthly sales figures.

Audi Puts The Brakes On SUVs


Audi has stopped taking orders on its two largest plug-in hybrid SUVs due to ongoing supply chain issues. The German brand has recently removed the Q7 TFSI e and Q8 TFSI from sale.

Car Heist Plan Failed


It may sound like a rejected script from the Fast and Furious movie franchise, but a British man has been handed a suspended prison sentence for wearing his old work uniform to sneak into a supercar factory and steal a car.

LEAF Honoured For EV Legacy


The Nissan LEAF has been honoured by WhichEV for its part in popularising electric vehicles.

Tesco Pulls The Plug On Free EV Charging


Shoppers at one of the UK’s biggest supermarket chains wil no longer be saying ‘Every Little Helps’ after finding that their weekly shop no longer comes with a free EV charge.

On Yer Bike


A new poll published by BBC documentary series Panorama has revealed that one in three motorists believe that cyclists should be banned from the roads.

Abarth Tech Recognises Happy Drivers


Italian car manufacturer Abarth has become the first company to test facial recognition technology in order to better comprehend the emotions experienced when driving one of its vehicles.

Which City Is The Capital Of Car Crime?


Motorists in London are doing things hard at the moment, hit by excessive ULEZ charges, constant attacks from environmental groups, and if that’s not enough new research has revealed that it’s the city where you are most likely to have your car stolen.