Porsche Takes Personalisation To A New Level


Car manufacturers these days have an arsenal of options to persuade you to make those personal upgrade options - but how many have offered you the opportunity of seeing your fingerprint painted on the bonnet?

Expensive Car Owners Less Likely To Stop For Pedestrians


An American study has found a correlation between the price of a car and the likelihood of that car stopping for pedestrians.

On this day in auto history – March 2nd


It was on this day in 1986 that hundreds of patriotic Land Rover stalwarts occupied Hyde Park to protest over Margaret Thatcher’s plan to sell off the company to American giants General Motors or simply “the Americans” as dubbed by the media at the time.

Range Rover Comes Top Of 100 Most Iconic Car Poll


A historic motoring membership club has chosen its top one hundred most iconic vehicles of all time with British classics dominating the list.

On this day in auto history – March 1st


It was on this day in 1983 that British Leyland launched the family hatchback which they hoped would transform the fortunes of the beleaguered company - the Austin Maestro

World’s First Fingerprint Steering Lock Unveiled


A new asset in the fight against car crime has been launched with the Fingerprint T-Bar Steering Lock now on sale.

On this day in Auto History - February 29th


It was on this day in the leap year of 1944 that Karol Jozef Wotjyla - later better known as Pope John Paul II - miraculously cheated death in a road accident in his native Poland.

Government To Review Electric Vehicle Hazards


The dangers posed by electric vehicles coming to a halt on busy motorways is to be investigated following concerns in parliament.

On this day in auto history – February 28th


It was on this day in 1990 that, after much speculation, Ford finally gained outright ownership of struggling luxury brand Jaguar Cars for a multi-billion pounds fee.

On this day in auto history – February 27th


On this day in 2007, a specialist auction staged by Coys of Kensington (London) hit the headlines after two of the most iconic cars in television history sold for double their original estimates.