British Public Don’t Trust Government On EVs


With Glasgow hosting the global summit on climate change, Cop26, there have been plenty of headlines on the environment, and this week a major new report revealed some interesting details on the public's attitude to electric vehicles.

Never Say Sorry Says Leading Insurer


The British may be regarded as one of the most polite, kind and civil nations on the planet, but when we get behind the wheel the proverbial gloves are off. And now one of the UK’s biggest motor insurers has offered official advice which says we should never ever say sorry.

Which City In UK Is Car Tax Dodgers Haven?


The old school windscreen tax disc may have disappeared from view, but people failing to pay for their car tax hasn’t stopped according to data which suggests that there was £30m of unpaid car tax in 2020.

Why Are Brand New Cars So Unfashionable?


British motorists have seemingly fallen out of love with brand new cars, with sales plunging to a thirty year low, a slump which has continued for the last fourth months according to latest data.

Nearly New EVs More Popular Than Ever


One in three Brits would consider buying a used electric vehicle according to new research, with public perception shifting dramatically following the recent petrol crisis.

EV6 Sparks Bumper October For Kia


The launch of a brand new electric vehicle option has allowed Kia to dominate the sales list for EVs during October.

It’s Not Green To Build Green Says Volvo


One of the world’s largest motoring brands has called for a rethink on the global energy production as they revealed that building an EV is currently more carbon intensive than building a standard petrol car.

This Motor Will Give You Paws For Thought


There are upgrades and then there are pupgrades, as one man from Plymouth has discovered after spending £10,000 to make his Nissan Micra look like a dog.

Is Your Licence About To Expire?


Almost half a million drivers could be at risk of a £1,000 fine and six penalty points as their driving licence unknowingly expires.

Every Little Helps For EV Drivers


Motorists with electric cars can expect to take more than their shopping home with them when they visit one of the major supermarkets, with an influx of charging points ensuring that car can leave with a full charge.