Ford Technology Will Keep Your Car Under Speed Limit


Speeding tickets will be a thing of the past if Ford’s latest technological advancement is implemented in cars of the future.

Dacia Spring Set For UK Launch?


One of Europe’s biggest budget car brands looks set to add another model to its UK line-up with bosses suggesting that a compact SUV might be amongst the cheapest in the country.

MPs Want Action On Pump Prices


As petrol and diesel prices continue on their upward trend breaking new records each week, UK MPs are asking the government to take more decisive action to help drivers.

EVs Very Rarely Run Out Of Power Says AA


Worries about your battery running flat while driving an electric vehicle are unfounded according to latest data from one of the UK’s biggest motoring organisations.

Can We MOT Our Own Cars?


With the government raising the possibility of increasing the annual MOT check to once every two years, rathen than once a year, there are many experts worried that there will be thousands of dangerous cars on the roads.

Do You Have The Blue Badge Blues?


The UK’s disabled parking scheme is being abused and almost half of councils and local authorities aren’t actually reporting complaints.

Would You Pay A £100k Parking Fine?


Motorists who are anxious about collecting parking tickets next time they leave their car in a restricted zone should spare a thought for one driver, who in the space of 14 months has amassed a massive fine of £117,000 in fines.

Is The DVLA Rewarding Failure?


The Government agency responsible for administrating driving licences has handed £2.2m of bonuses to staff despite a growing backlog of applications waiting to be processed.

Where Are Britain’s Angriest Drivers?


Unless you are the most zen motorists in the world, it is likely that we have all succumbed to road rage at some point in our driving lives, or maybe experienced others raging at you, and now new research tells which parts of the UK has the angriest drivers.

Is This City The Parking Ticket Capital Of Britain?


Motorists who drive into a city centre know that they are taking a huge risk these days if they attempt to park anywhere other than an expensive car park.