Say Hello To A U-Shaped Steering Wheel


Ever ahead of the curve, Tesla have revealed images of their new Model S saloon and have surprised many by incorporating a space-aged u-style steering wheel. But will Elon Musk’s company have to do a u-turn if it’s not legal in Britain?

EU Flag Removed From Number Plates And Licences


The impact of Brexit has made an immediate impact on the look of all new cars in the UK after the Department of Transport revealed that the European Union flag will be removed from all new British driving licences and number plates.

On this day in auto history – February 3rd


It was on this day in 1911 that Rolls Royce first commissioned the iconic ‘Spirit of Ecstasy’ statuette.

Fines Not Fees Drive London’s ULEZ Says Data


Transport for London is receiving more money in fines for their Ultra Low Emission Zone than they are in annual charges according to data published from a new Freedom of Information request.

The New BMW Design. What Do You Think?


The man behind BMW’s bold and brutal new look has said that the brand is sticking to their guns and will continue with the eye-catching style despite criticism.

On this day in auto history – February 2nd


On this day in 1946, Rover’s famous plant in Solihull was officially opened by high-profile politician Sir Stafford Cripps

On this day in auto history – February 1st


On this day in 1986, Toyota became the first Japanese manufacturer to reach the magic milestone of producing 50 million vehicles.

White Van Man Has Gone Green


The stereotypical image of the grubby white van man dominating the roads with rude behaviour and ignorant habits may be a thing of the past according to a new survey.

On this day in auto history - January 31st


New laws came into force at midnight on this day in 1983, making it compulsory for drivers and front seat passengers to wear seatbelts

Petrol Prices Back To Pre-Pandemic Levels


One of the small mercies of the global lockdown over the last 12 months has been a significant drop in fuel prices, driven by a lack of demand, meaning that those who still need to drive have found filling up a less expensive experience.