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Long-term bacterial and viral protection inside your vehicle for you and your family


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Did you know that your vehicle harbours thousands of different bacteria, viruses and parasites? Areas we touch frequently inside our car, such as our gear stick and steering wheel, can all become a breeding ground for bacteria. This is magnified in areas where we might eat or drink

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Protection Against Infection

12 month guarantee

Permanent Hygiene Control

Applied before collection

Easier & More Thorough Cleaning

Stops the spread of nasty infections

Delivering long-term bacterial and viral protection for you and your family

Vehicle, representing a valuation

Instantly provides a safe environment

Applied by professionals, Duracare instantly starts working to protect you and your loved ones by helping eliminate hand-surface-hand infection.


Why do I need Duracare protection?

Duracare eliminates hand-surface-hand infection. Applied by professionals to your vehicle’s interior, it instantly sanitises and continues to form an invisible barrier for 12 months after application, with its antimicrobial agent killing 99.9% of pathogens. Duracare Antimicrobial Protection is powered by Liquid Guard, a radically-new formula that breaks down bacteria, preventing mutation and ending the risk of infection transmission from surfaces.

Creating an invisible physical barrier

Duracare Antimicrobial Protection is a nano-coating that creates an invisible physical barrier to destroy microbes and is the ultimate in microbial protection. Awarded German Innovation of the year 2019, Liquid Guard nano-coating is the ultimate solution for antimicrobial protection. This protective nano coating offers long-term protection


Delivers a 99.9% bacterial and viral kill and protects for 12 months

Duracare has developed a dynamic anti-bacterial coating that delivers a 99.9%* pathogen kill. It is proven to be effective against Influenza A (similar structure to SARS & COVID-19), MRSA, E. coli, Salmonella, Listeria, Staphylococcus, Streptococcus and many others. Once the protection has been applied by professionals to your vehicle’s interior, it instantly sanitises and forms an invisible barrier that lasts for 12 months.

* Killing 99.9% of known germs, test reports available on

Safe for you and your family

Breathe easy knowing that Duracare has been thoroughly tested and certified, creating a germ-free environment for you and your family. Commonly used antimicrobial cleaners don’t kill germs outright, allowing pathogens to mutate, multiply and become resistant. Duracare Antimicrobial Protection is professionally applied and instantly starts working to protect your vehicle. It has also been dermatologically tested and rated as ‘excellent’.


Continually protecting against bacteria fungal growth

Duracare is different. Commonly used anti-bacterial cleaners often don’t kill germs outright, allowing pathogens to mutate, multiply and become resistant. Duracare’s radically-new formula physically destroys the bacteria cell wall, preventing mutation and neutralising the risk of infection.

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