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Damage is hard to avoid and Smart+ Insurance will help keep your vehicle protected


What is SMART+ Insurance?

Scuffs, scratches and dents to bodywork and alloy wheels can all occur as a result of everyday driving – no matter how careful you may be. They are unsightly, inconvenient and can be costly, in addition to reducing your vehicle’s overall value.






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Why should I take out SMART+ Insurance?

When you eventually want to sell your vehicle, its resale value will be influenced by its overall condition. While a few dents and scratches might seem like minor damage, they can cost hundreds or even thousands of pounds to repair, so this will obviously affect the value of your vehicle. With SMART+, you can rest assured that these minor damages will be repaired. For your convenience, repairs are carried out by a trained technician at a time and place that suits you and can usually be completed in a couple of hours. Helping maintain not only your vehicle’s appearance, but also its value.

Protecting your vehicle against everyday driving damage

Why this insurance product is right for you

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Pristine appearance

Helps maintain your vehicle’s appearance throughout ownership

SMART+ Insurance FAQs

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