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Approach in (almost) silence, arrive in style and leave a lasting impression. Tesla have become a household name in recent years thanks to their incredible range of electric vehicles. With an interior control screen the size of a small TV and autopilot technology on hand, it can feel like you're at the controls of a luxury spaceship. A Tesla can shift like one too, offering rapid acceleration and an equally impressive range.

The Model 3 saloon is the most recognisable Tesla, providing high-end performance and comfort at a bargain price. You and your passengers will always be spoilt for space in a Tesla, but you can stretch out even more in the business class surroundings of the Model Y. This compact SUV still packs the same punch when you get your foot down and comes with plenty of tech as standard.


Electric cars are becoming more and more popular, but owning one is still a novelty for many people. When you see a Tesla out on the road, you would be forgiven for thinking they're a high-end, unaffordable option. But that's simply not the case. Purchase prices are far more reasonable than you'd expect, and charging costs are well below what you'd pay for petrol or diesel. Here we've answered the most common questions about Tesla cars. And yes, you can change your horn sound to La Cucaracha if you really want.

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