CarSupermarket – Total Vehicle Protection

High performance nanotechnology coatings are the future of vehicle protection. Invisible and impenetrable nanotechnology surface coatings are the strongest high-performance products available in the UK. The CarSupermarket range includes market leading:

 • Paint Protection
 • Glass Protection
 • Fabric Protection
 • Antimicrobial Protection

The CarSupermarket range of high-performance nanotechnology coatings have been developed utilising specialist skill sets from the sciences. Our partners experts come from the following materials, engineering and science backgrounds: nanotechnology, bionics, organic/inorganic and physical chemistry/microbiology.  The combination of these specialisms creates a unique team with the vision to foresee tomorrow’s customers’ smart surface needs, as well as the requirements to fulfil these in terms of nano coating functionality and application methodology.


Paint Protection

CarSupermarket Titan Paint Protection provides non-absorbent automotive bodywork and alloy surfaces with nano ceramic protection, providing long-term easy-clean performance, scratch resistance and protection against oxidisation. CarSupermarket Titan Paint Protection is applied by polishing, which is followed by air curing. The nano ceramic coating provides market-leading durability and performance and is the ultimate in vehicle bodywork protection.

Glass Protection

CarSupermarket Glass Protection is a highly durable rain-repellent safety treatment for vehicle windscreens. The nano-coating creates an invisible and impenetrable protective barrier with a hydrophobic effect. This means water and dirt are repelled and offers long-term protection and facilitates cleaning. The hydrophobic surface permits safer driving in wet conditions by helping to deflect raindrops from the glass as ‘beads’ at speeds of over 40mph. This overcomes the problem of reduced visibility caused by rain filming across the screen.

Fabric Protection

CarSupermarket Fabric Protection is a hydrophobic and oleophobic easy clean coating which offers long-term protection and facilitates cleaning for the perfect interior vehicle finish. CarSupermarket Fabric Protection coating is a water-based solution that is non-hazardous, odourless and quick-drying. It does not contain irritants and following application, upholstery can dry at 20°C within 30 minutes.

Antimicrobial Protection

CarSupermarket has commercialised a dynamic, antimicrobial agent that kills 99.9% of pathogens. Applied by professionals to the interior of the car, it instantly sanitises and forms an invisible & odourless glass-like barrier which remains active for 12 months after application. Unlike commonly used antimicrobial cleaners that don’t kill germs outright, CarSupermarket Antimicrobial Protection is powered by Liquid Guard®, a radically-new formula which punctures & breaks down bacteria, preventing mutation and ending the risk of infection. The glass-like barrier also repels liquid and dirt making surfaces easier to clean. Car Supermarket Antimicrobial Protection is professionally applied and instantly starts working to protect you and your loved ones. Our product has been thoroughly tested and certified, creating a germ free* environment.