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Minimum 12-month warranty on all cars!

We're so confident in the quality of our cars that we offer a minimum 12-month warranty on every one, regardless if it's 12 months or 6 years old. But why limit your peace of mind to just one year? Extend your coverage to 24 or 36 months for as little as £32.50 per month with our exclusive upgrade offers!

The road ahead can be uncertain but our Upgraded Mechanical Warranty will give you peace of mind

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24/7 roadside assistance

Roadside assistance for your entire warranty period, allowing you to enjoy driving with peace of mind that you are fully covered if the worst happens and your vehicle breaks down. You are covered for 6 breakdown / recovery callouts per year up to a total of £2,500.

What components are covered?

Breakdowns can happen when you least expect them and the cost of replacing many modern components can be daunting. During our warranty period, all mechanical and electrical components are covered against mechanical breakdown, including failure due to wear and tear, provided that the terms and conditions are fully complied with. Please see the warranty schedule for full details of the conditions and exclusions.

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Saving you from unexpected costs

As vehicles age and build up more miles on the clock, the chance of something going wrong increases. If the worst happens and your vehicle breaks down, you could potentially face some unexpected costs.

Here are some examples of costs for a 5-year old BMW 1 Series:

  • £1,749 to replace the turbo
  • £599 for the clutch
  • £1,099 for the flywheel
  • £1,799 for the ECU

With our extended warranty, you simply make a claim and then your warranty plan covers all the parts and labour costs at our branches or any VAT-registered garage across the UK. Giving you peace of mind and helping you get back on the road as quickly as possible.

Included with our standard warranty

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Why should I take out Upgraded Warranty cover?

Modern cars are more reliable than ever, but breakdowns are impossible to predict and even expensive cars can have bad days – and bad days can be expensive. Our Upgraded Mechanical Warranty can help take the hassle and expense away so there’s no need to worry about unexpected breakdowns. With 24 and 36 month options our warranty offers peace of mind, plus many benefits that other agreements don’t, such as zero excess and no limit on the number of claims you can make.


Frequently asked questions about our Upgraded Mechanical Warranty

If we haven't answered your questions already and these FAQs don't help, then don't hesitate to call us!

Is it worth taking out upgraded warranty cover?

How can I take out this upgraded warranty cover?

What warranty periods are available?

Can I cancel my Upgraded warranty cover?

Are any parts not covered under the warranty?

How can I make a claim?

Where will my car be fixed?

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Keep your vehicle running smoothly with routine servicing

We recommend getting your vehicle serviced every year or every 12,000 miles with our network of dedicated centres. Our Service/MOT plans are available when you purchase your vehicle for a fixed price of £689, these include 3 services to manufacturer guidelines within your manufacturer’s warranty period and 3 MOT tests – keeping your vehicle running smoothly and enabling you to enjoy worry-free motoring.  

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